We rapidly prototype your

digital experience,
culture change,
operating model,
customer experience,
sustainability goals,
organisational change,
compliance framework,
digital transformation,
technology platform,
end-to-end service,
regulatory change,
business process,
staff experience,

then plan backwards,

so you can execute with

the end in mind.

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A puzzle is much easier to assemble if you can see the final picture.

A sketch brings the architect’s vision to life, aligning backers, builders and authorities.

A clay model of a car builds excitement, secures funding and focuses the vehicle development team.

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The same is true for change programs.

If everyone has a clear view of the end state, your program is more likely to succeed because you can more effectively plan, de-risk, estimate, and gain funding.

Can your program team and stakeholders clearly describe your target-state?
Are you confident it is the right destination?
Do you know the best path to get there?
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What we do

We rapidly align stakeholders around a shared vision so your entire team can progress with the end in mind. We:

  • Clarify where you want to go
  • Prototype your destination, quickly bringing it to life
  • ‘Backcast’ by planning backward from your destination

We work with boards, senior leaders and program teams in corporate, government and non-profit organisations.

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When to use Epilog

Use us at any stage of your change program when you need to:

  • Gain support from sponsors to fund an initiative
  • Explain the value of an initiative 
  • Ensure your team and stakeholders share the same vision
  • Develop a compelling business case 
  • Build a clear picture of your future-state
  • Test a proposition with your customers or stakeholders
  • Consider multiple scenarios before investing
  • Improve or simplify internal business processes (e.g. procurement, onboarding, policy development)
  • Improve customer, citizen or employee experience
  • Identify risks early so you can confidently deliver at pace
  • Getting your program back on track
  • Select the best option from multiple ways to get to the outcome
  • Meet a new regulatory requirement (eg CPS230)
  • Respond to regulatory feedback (eg enforceable undertaking) or addressing a systemic issue
  • Build new risk capability (eg a stress testing function) or moving to a new platform
  • Uplift risk frameworks, policies, data or reporting

We support all industries across a wide array of domains:

Risk & Compliance

Experiences & Propositions
digital experience
customer experience
end-to-end service

Talent & Culture
organisational change
staff experience

digital transformation

Process & Operations
operating model
business process
technology platform

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Our Services

Clarifying the future and mapping a path to get there.

This builds a comprehensive vision of the target state, including well evolved prototypes, risk analysis and detailed roadmaps for getting there.

When you need to:

  • Define the future state
  • Easily communicate what the future-state will look and feel like
  • Build the business case
  • Identify risks
  • Build a roadmap



  • Vision and business case
  • Future-state prototype
  • Feasibility analysis
  • User feedback
  • Risk assessment and mitigation
  • Metrics – KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) or OKRs (Objectives and Key Results)
  • Roadmap of key milestones
  • First 100-day plan

Rapidly creating a solution and building alignment around it.

This brings key stakeholders together in a workshop to quickly clarify the vision, develop rough prototypes and align everyone around next steps.

When you need to: 

  • Get everyone on the same page, including senior and external stakeholders
  • Solve a complex problem quickly
  • Consider several scenarios
  • Refine your strategy
  • Set objectives
  • Plan together
  • Resolve conflict



  • Clearer articulated vision
  • Rough prototypes of the future state and a high-level roadmap to get there
  • Areas of misalignment identified with suggested remedies
  • Shared clarity and conviction on a way forward

Arming your organisation with the skills to make the most of change initiatives.

Epilog provides training, workshops and presentations aimed at upskilling people in the disciplines of design thinking, innovation and ‘backcasting’.

When you need to: 

  • Embed new capabilities in your organisation
  • Uplift the skills of your team
  • Change your team’s way of working
  • Bring in world class speakers for events
  • Gain a fresh perspective on how to innovate and deliver


Some capabilities include: 

  • Scenario modelling and  ‘backcasting’
  • Human Centred Design
  • HCD for risk and compliance professionals
  • Scenario modelling and ‘backcasting’
  • Service Design
  • Corporate storytelling – communication for the ‘head and heart’
  • Innovation management for finance and strategy professionals
  • Employee-centric design for HR professionals