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What we've done

A selection of our case studies.

Case Studies

Improving the budget allocation process

The budgeting process for a bank involved an $8b investment slate, but it was very inefficient and frustrating. We interviewed 150 stakeholders, prototyped and tested a new calendar, submission templates and ExCo decision process. This led to a dedicated investment management office, budgets agreed sooner, better governance and outcomes.

Accelerating the risk approval process

Following the rollout of scaled agile across a bank, a business function wanted to accelerate the risk approval process. We prototyped new policy tools, roles and processes, then tested and refined them. Key decisions went from weeks to hours. Teams were empowered to make many decisions without seeking approval.

Embedding Human Centred Design across an organisation

An enlightened banking leadership team wanted to scale HCD capability in order to craft market-leading customer-centric propositions. We built their internal centre of excellence, rolled out training, ran showcase projects and evolved their operating model to support HCD.

Conducting a review of the risk platform underpinning a trading business

A key risk platform was due to be replaced. We interviewed key stakeholders, researched best practice, and distilled the insights to help snr mgmt better plan implementation of the new system. Our holistic approach meant the operating model, team capabilities and data environment were all considered.

Piloting ideation platforms by running an ideation process to conclusion

Devising and implementing a framework for capturing and vetting staff ideas. The trial process was run twice, with the winning staff idea becoming a funded initiative.

Running the risk culture program for a Global Markets business

Co-creating a set of agreed behaviours for the business, including specific examples ‘Dos and Don’ts’ to bring the company’s values to life. This program satisfied the regulator and laid the foundation for similar work in the industry.

Envisioning the future of small business banking

Small business banking is a hotly contested space. To build a differentiated proposition, we interviewed 50 small businesses to understand their aspirations and relationship with money. This enabled us to frame banking from their perspective, designing and testing a comprehensive proposition and end-to-end digital service that is currently being implemented.

Making peace between technology and business

Big transformation programs often lead to conflict between well-meaning functions. Lack of alignment can slow or even destroy a program. We helped to make peace on a multi-billion dollar digital transformation program by bringing together senior technology and business leaders, uncovering their areas of disagreement and visualising a shared and successful future.

Defining an aspirational employee value proposition

In the midst of a war for talent, we helped a wealth management business bring their aspirational employee proposition to life by prototyping the entire employee lifecycle, enhancing the interview and onboarding process, enabling work life balance, career progression and development, office layout to suit new ways of working, management communications and graceful off-boarding.