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Our Methodology

Our comprehensive methodology clearly defines your future-state and then clearly communicates it through prototypes, business case, strategy and roadmaps. It also ensures your future-state is implementable and compelling to your customers and staff.

Our methodology blends the best methods from:

starts an initiative by ‘working backwards’ from a well defined end-point

builds and improves efficient and lean processes by applying the ‘Toyota Production System’

works backwards from the bold vision of putting humans on mars by ‘Architecting from the right’

applies ‘human-centred design’ to understand people’s needs, then rapidly prototypes to find the best solution

applies a disciplined and evidence-based approach to strategy development
conducts rapid ‘sprints’ to quickly bring ideas to life through prototyping
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The Epilog Process

Applied rapidly in a series of workshops, or more comprehensively over a few months.


Assemble a small cross-functional team with your subject matter experts and our experienced practitioners.

Get Smart

Rapidly understand the context (customer, competitor, process, regulatory, stakeholder, financial etc.)


Define the vision, agree the future-state and business case.


Rapidly, Roughly & Cheaply Prototype the future-state & test with stakeholders. Assess risk, feasibility and value. Iterate.


Refine the business case, define measures and plan backwards. Agree on the first milestone and 100-day plan.


Share your vision, business case and plan. Gain shared clarity & support. Execute your change program with confidence.