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What is a prototype?

A prototype is…
…anything that brings your idea to life so that people can experience it and provide feedback.

Prototypes help you:

  • engage all your stakeholders sooner
  • uncover & avoid costly risks early
  • select the best option
  • sell your vision
  • estimate and plan effectively
Prototypes vary in detail depending on the questions to answer and the program stage:


Investment Process Montage

Annual budget process of a bank, including operating model, calendar of activities, business case submission templates and decision protocols.

Video showing the future state of a culture change program with supporting knowledge management platform, process, approval, role and behaviour changes.

Role play of a Private Bank welcome experience for a High Net Worth client.

Policy decision matrix to increase the self sufficiency of a digital team in a scaled agile environment, avoid unnecessary escalation to the risk team and increase the pace of development.

Simulating and refining the kitchen processes required to make a new McDonald’s menu item efficiently.

Clickable UI mockups of a life insurance purchase experience.